Sapsindia Technologies having expertise in Graphic Design,Web Design,Development,Application Development, SEO/SEM,business promotions, We introduce firstly what about the website and how we can be benefited with our business,how we can grow our business through a website,in what way we can be a rich man tomorrow,A website (also spelled web site) is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed with a common domain name in an Internet Protocol-based network. Organized by function, a website may be
  • Personal Website.
  • Commercial Website for Your business.
  • Government Website for Government activities.
  • Non-Profit Organization Website So,Website could be the work of an individual, a business or other organization, and is typically dedicated to some particular topic or purpose
  • Affiliate: enabled portal that renders not only its custom CMS but also syndicated content from other content providers for an agreed fee. There are usually three relationship tiers. Affiliate Agencies (e.g., Commission Junction), Advertisers (e.g., eBay) and consumer (e.g., Yahoo!).
  • Blog(Web Log): sites generally used to post online diaries which may include discussion forums (e.g., blogger, Xanga).
  • Brand builiding site: a site with the purpose of creating an experience of a brand online. These sites usually do not sell anything, but focus on building the brand. Brand building sites are most common for low-value, high-volume fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • Communite Site:a site where persons with similar interests communicate with each other, usually by chat or message boards, such as MySpace or Facebook.
  • Corporate Website: used to provide background information about a business, organization, or service.
  • Electronic commerce(ecommerce): a site offering goods and services for online sale and enabling online transactions for such sales.
  • Forum:a site where people discuss various topics
  • Social Networking site:a site where users could communicate with one another and share media, such as pictures, videos, music, blogs, etc. with other users. These may include games and web applications.
  • Web Portal,Video sharing:a site that provides a starting point or a gateway to other resources on the Internet or an intranet and also enables user to upload videos, such as YouTube and Google Video
We are happy to cater you for following services as per your business needs
  • Graphics Design:We are here to fill a richness of colors designing your business needs
  • Web Site Design,Development:We fulfil you needs for your business at every aspect either its personal or for business purposes
  • Ecommerce Development:We are highly expert in ecommerce development to increase you sale and getting online payment securely also expert in third party payment integration.
  • CMS Development:in this fast growing era and meeting the current requirements in the market We have gain expertise in CMS development i.e Joomla,Wordpress,Magento,Oscommerce,Drupal,Smarty
  • Application Development:To meet out your business need and managing it at ease we provide a solution for it by developing application/software suits to your business
  • Maintenance:Growing your business we help re-design,re-develop your site and maintaing it and modifying your existing application upto your utmost satisfaction
  • Domain,Hosting:We have cheapest domain and hosting helping you for your business needs,get in touch for your offer today!
  • SEO,SEM:We help you to promote your business at pace,increase customer traffic on your site with our SEO,SEM service
So, What are you waiting for get in touch with us today! along with your details!!!!